July 2016 – “Where there is money, there is a business model,” explains Devergy’s COO on the Social Entrepreneur podcast. Listen to hear more about Devergy’s journey, and how we are solving a problem.

In Tanzania, nearly 80% of households are not connected to the national electrical grid. Without electricity, local people use kerosene, candles or batteries for energy. Local mills use diesel generators. All of these energy sources are expensive.


The Solution: Solar Micro Smart Grids


Devergy generates electricity from solar power. The grids avoid the problems of many rural projects by remaining village size – micro. The grid is built in small modules of around 10 houses. There is one solar tower, a series of houses strung together with meters, and the next solar tower. This module model allows Devergy to monitor demand. If the demand is sustained, Devergy can deploy another module in about 3 hours.

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