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In our home base of Tanzania, about 7% of the country’s rural population has access to electricity via the national power grid. Devergy aims to fill that large gap and provide reliable access to energy throughout rural Tanzania, without ever placing restrictions on how the energy is used.

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Our customers use a wide variety of appliances – stereos, televisions, radios, refrigerators, fans, USB phone charging stations, etc., – and they need reliable electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to run their households and businesses.

Our system works for the household that wants to use one light bulb for a few hours a day, a family that has a television and 4 phones, or a business that needs to depend on 24/7 electricity to keep the refrigerators on. After the one-time payment for the Devergy meter, customers pre-pay for their energy bundles via mobile money or in person at the village store. As the electrical needs of our customers grow, we scale up with them, and will even arrange delivery of appliances to villages. Devergy provides reliable access to energy, less pollution, and a system that requires no user maintenance – and a cost savings compared to using kerosene and batteries.

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