Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – DEVERGY, a social energy services company that is commercializing an affordable solar PV-based micro-grid approach to electrifying off-grid communities in sub-Saharan Africa, today announced a partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


With Development Innovation Venture (DIV) support, and in partnership with the Power Africa Initiative, Devergy is testing various productive use models to encourage customers to use their power connections for income-generating purposes, thereby facilitating customers’ transition up the “energy ladder.” Devergy grids will cover needs of both residential and business use, up to and including refrigeration and freezing for businesses.

With Stage 2 support from USAID’s DIV, Devergy will deploy 500 lighting and phone charging connections, 150 advanced (such as television and stereos) and 30 productive use connections in five villages.

Devergy operates in an emerging solutions gap observed between stand-alone off-grid solar products and conventionally designed mini-grids. Solar portable lights (SPLs) and solar home systems (SHSs) are important transitional solutions; however represent discrete options for service delivery. Both SPL and SHS are limited in the electric output that they are able to generate. For end-users of these solutions, transitioning upwards on the “energy ladder” to higher levels of service provision requires additional capital expenditure or debt assumption, as well as behavioral changes. Devergy is uniquely pioneering the concept of affordable, rapidly deployable, “living” micro-grids. Its system allows customers to access a variety of service levels ranging from household lighting to appliances like televisions or refrigerators, thereby enabling them to seamlessly move between these different service levels without changes to installed equipment or their behavior.

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About Devergy

About 7% of Tanzania’s rural population has access to electricity via the national power grid. Devergy aims to fill that large gap and provide reliable access to energy throughout rural Tanzania, without ever placing restrictions on how the energy is used.

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