about devergy

Devergy is an energy services company that provides affordable and reliable energy to low-income people in rural villages not connected to the power grid. We aim to empower people in developing countries by improving freedom of choice – customers use as little or as much energy as they want, anytime they want.

Devergy was founded in 2010 and began operations in 2012. From the time we constructed our first micro-grid certain things remained consistent: customers saved money compared to what they were spending previously, environmental pollution decreased, and small businesses grew. In addition to selling energy services, we also make modern and aspirational appliances, like TVs and Stereos, accessible and available through lease-to-own arrangements.

Look for us all over rural Tanzania for now, then throughout the continent, and eventually the world.


Fabio De Pascale

Fabio De Pascale is a co-founder and Chief Energising Officer at Devergy. Prior to Devergy, Fabio was Project Manager at the European Space Agency, dedicated to Sounding Rocket and Satellite microgravity research projects. There he managed and supported the successful interaction between international government agencies and the private sector, together with their financial and political implications.

Gianluca Cescon

Gianluca Cescon is a co-founder and Country Operations Director at Devergy. He has a background in Energy Engineering and previously worked as a team leader on technical projects in the Netherlands, gaining experience in on-the-field team management. Gianluca ensures that things get done in Tanzania while working to grow the company.

Jose Luis Belert Hueso is the Technical Support and Supply Chain Manager at Devergy. He has extensive experience in managing maintenance teams on high reliability complex systems (electrical, hydraulic, heat-cool production, electronics and fire installations). Prior to working with Devergy, José was responsible for the operations, maintenance and related supply chain of the technical systems in the Opera House “Palace of Arts Reina Sofía” in Valencia, Spain.

Junte Wassman is the Managing Director of Heri Africa GmbH, an Impact Investment Fund that focuses on the off grid energy access sector and Agricultural sector. Junte has overseen over 5 investments in his two years in the sector. Prior to that, Junte co-founded a social business in Madagascar with a focus on rural electrification with more than hundred employees.

Duncan Onyango is Director of East Africa for Acumen Fund Inc., a nonprofit global impact fund that invests in companies, leaders and ideas to change the way the world tackles poverty. Prior to Acumen, Duncan served as the Group Chief Finance Officer of Rift Valley Railways and spent over ten years at Abbey National, a major international bank in London.

Christopher Aidun is the CEO of Persistent, an investment and advisory firm that focuses on the off grid energy access sector. Chris has overseen over 50 investments in his 5 years in the sector. Prior to that, Chris spent 30 years as a private equity and finance lawyer for a New York based international law firm.


Fabio De Pascale, Gianluca Cescon and Daniel Ponz founded Devergy in 2010. The idea started while Gianluca and Fabio were traveling together in South America on holiday, where many villages they visited lacked power – under bright, sunny skies. Back in Europe, the three friends started Devergy and years of research and development followed. Tanzania appeared as the best location to evolve things in the energy sector. Operations began in 2012 and continue today, with Gianluca and Fabio residing in Tanzania.