Devergy powers the off-grid world in a sustainable, easily scaleable way.


Access to energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Locally trained technicians quickly handle all the needs of our customers.

affordable & pre-paid

Our customers spend significantly less than they previously spent on kerosene, batteries and phone charging.


Solar energy is reliable, sustainable, clean and perfect for village-sized micro-grids.

smart micro-grid technology

State-of-the-art smart-grid technology in rural villages brings energy efficiency, increased reliability and solutions tailored to each customer.


With the help of our donors and investors, Devergy is expanding services throughout Tanzania with an eye on other countries soon.

"My eyesight suffered from working for so long in the darkness - having the light makes it so much more enjoyable to be in my shop! Devergy is helping to modernize the way I do business."

Atananta Siluamba

"I have one light in the shop and two in the house. I use it to work at night, which makes a big difference."

Sadick Simwanza

"Previously I was using my own solar panels, which would stop working at 20:00 or 21:00. Now I can work as late as I like."

Dora Skamanga

"Before Devergy we were using kerosene lamps - Devergy has a far lower cost than kerosene."

Matipwili's first customer

"With the electricity service from Devergy at the school, students can study at the schools from 7:30pm-10pm... and we can see this has improved their academic performance."

A teacher from the Momba Secondary school, Lwasho

"Four batteries only lasted a week, and were expensive. Now the quality of the light from solar is really good and affordable. I'm thankful for this light"

Matipwili, Tanzania