27 October 2015 - We are happy to announce that Acumen, OPES Impact Fund and HERi Africa have invested in our company, enabling us to grow even faster. Read more about the news here, and check back again soon for more updates - our site is undergoing an overhaul!

5 June 2015 - "East Africa's Light Bulb Moment" in Forbes Magazine tells a bit more about the way we work in Tanzania. 

15 May 2015 - Read the latest Clean Technia article "Solar Energy Ladder Can Help Communities Climb Out Of Energy Poverty."

March 2014 - We were featured on SciDev.net's podcast when we met in Ethiopia for the second meeting of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership. This segment talks about how the AEEP is struggling to meet their clean energy goals by 2020. They speak first to Jacob Waslander, Head of the Climate Change and Energy Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, who provides great context for the conversation. Jump to minute 4:10 to hear Gianluca Cescon (in charge of Country Operations for Devergy) explain how our system has the possibility to reach more Africans, and how we take advantage of the data that our smart grids provide.


Written and directed by Tamara Mahoney  |  Edited by Ayelet Leibovitch

Matipwili, Tanzania was our pilot village, where we tested out the Devergy solar micro-grids and signed up our first Devergy customers. The Devergy solar micro-grids work thanks to a number of innovative technical feats, but the human and social aspect are just as important.

Why do we do what we do? Where do we work? What are our customers like? How does our system work? What does our company value? This 13-minute documentary (completed in 2012) will begin to answer some of our most commonly asked questions.


Why do people all over sub-saharan Africa need access to better quality, reliable, cleaner electricity? Because it's dark at night, because mobile phones need to be recharged, because the batteries sold in Sub-Saharan Africa are of such poor quality that they will barely last a week... the reasons go on and on. Let us show you in just 90 seconds how it looks in an off-grid village that was relying heavily on kerosene lamps and poor quality batteries to provide light. 


Constructing the Devery micro-grid in Matipwili was truly a joint effort. The solar towers and system was built by ourselves and trained engineers/electricians, but we also employed people from the village to help with construction and oversee continued maintenance. Devergy is proud to employ some of the brightest electricians in Tanzania, and we enjoy seeing all the new jobs that have started in the villages as a result of having easy, affordable access to electricity.


We started Devergy in 2010 with a very serious vision and plan for what we wanted the future to look like. After signing up our first customers and verifying that our system worked - and worked well - it was great to look back and see the plan become reality. We stayed for weeks in the villages where we worked, and the feeling of simply flicking on a switch instead of carrying around a torch or lamp just to use the bathroom at night was incredibly freeing. 

If you're publishing a story or working on a report about the type of work we're engaged in, we would be happy to provide you high-res photos and videos. Please use our contact page and we'll respond quickly.