Devergy is an energy services company, providing a reliable, affordable electricity service to low-income people in developing countriesThe service is based on village-sized energy micro-grids which provide solar power to households and businesses; users can connect lights and appliances such as radios, TVs and refrigerators.

The key feature of the system is the energy meter that powers the household with a pay-per-use approach, where each user tops up his credit by paying cash to a local agent in the village or automatically, via mobile money. Credit can be purchased for the same value as mobile phone credit, and the cost for the customer is lower than the cost of kerosene lighting, phone charging, or dry-cell batteries.

Our customers receive an unprecedented service thanks to a system that is designed to require no user maintenance and is remotely monitored for faults. The reliability and availability of the service is unmatched, and we employ an outstanding team.